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Anak Kratatau Eruption and Tsunami

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Anak Krakatau has become more active in recent days and produced a significant eruption on December 23, 2018, that may have reached VEI 4 intensity. Anak Krakatau is the volcano that has formed within the caldera of the infamous Krakatoa volcano that blew itself apart in a massive eruption in 1883, the loudest and one of the largest, volcanic eruptions in recorded history. This eruption was notable in that a landslide at the volcano produced a tsunami of around 1 meter that has killed more than 200 people along coastal areas of neighboring islands. Since the tsunami was triggered by a landslide at the volcano and not an earthquake, there was no warning that the tsunami was coming. Further, since it was produced at the volcano located in the Sunda Strait not far from neighboring islands, the tsunami arrived quickly and also arrived at night. While a 1-meter tsunami wave may not seem significant, keep in mind a tsunami wave is more like a hurricane storm surge in that the wave produces a sustained water rise. Tsunami waves travel extremely fast, and the combination of speed and size can force the water to run inland much farther than might be expected

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