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2021 Jupiter Imagery

August 29, 2021

Another evening of good seeing allowed me to capture a couple of good images of Jupiter. The first one below also shows the moon Io on the bottom left of the image. The second image was taken a couple of minutes before the first one and has Jupiter centered. The second one was captured using a smaller field of view and so allowed me to capture far more frames than in the image that includes Io. So, the image from 5:03 UTC is somewhat sharper thanks to the additional frames that were stacked.

July 8, 2021

The best seeing of the year allowed me to capture some great images of Jupiter. I also switched to using the ASI 385MC with my C8 Edge HD and Televue 2.5x Powermate.

Imaged processed in Autostakkert, Registax, and Topaz Denoise AI. I produced the 14 frame animation shown below by capturing individual videos every few minutes from 10:06 to 10:53 UTC (just before local sunrise).

The 14 individual frames can be seen below.

June 25, 2021

Seeing was poor again this morning and I have more spots on my ASI camera lens causing some issues. I've always had a couple but there are more now, so I will have to try to get those cleaned off. C8 Edge HD with ASI 224MC camera and Televue 2.5x Powermate. Imaged processed in Autostakkert, Registax, and Topaz Denoise AI.

June 24, 2021

Imaged Jupiter this morning with my C8 Edge HD. I finally had a morning in which I didn't have to work early and it wasn't completely cloudy, so I was able to take the telescope out and image Jupiter and Saturn. Seeing was unfortunately very poor this morning, and a thin overcast was present, both of which combined to make the details on the planets hard to see. This is a far cry from the better images I was able to achieve last year.


June 12, 2021

Imaged Jupiter from Pensacola, FL while on vacation with my little TV 60. The seeing was pretty good, but I was using a Manfrotto tripod with no tracking or slow-motion controls which limited the number of usable video frames I was able to capture. The image looked at least as good, if not better, than this visually, but the lack of focal length made it challenging to capture.

Here is a comparison of the apparent size of Jupiter in different telescopes, all using the same TV 2.5x Powermate and ASI 224MC camera. The short focal length of the TV 60 results in small planetary image size.

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