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A Look at Jupiter and Saturn in the Televue 60 Refractor

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I recently took the Televue 60 refractor on a vacation to Florida, and decided to do a quick imaging session one morning to capture Jupiter and Saturn. While I can only push the TV60 up to a little over 100X with my eyepieces (using a 3.5mm Nagler), you can still see a lot of detail, and the little refractor puts up a nice crisp image of Jupiter.

The above images were processed using video captured from my ASI 224MC camera attached to a TV 2.5x Powermate. The Great Red Spot (GRS) was clearly visible visually and in the image, and you can also see Ganymede in front of Jupiter above and to the left of the GRS.

The image below compares the image of Jupiter in the TV 60 to ones I have taken over the past year in the Celestron C90, C6, and C8 EdgeHD. I've also resized the C8 image to match the size of the the images from the other scopes to help compare the detail visible.

In the image below, I've resized all the Jupiters from the above image to be the same size. This gives a better idea of the detail gains available with the larger aperture telescopes. A small refractor like the TV60 will show the major details on Jupiter, but can't resolve the finer structure, what you would expect for a small telescope. However, visually, the view of Jupiter and Saturn in the TV60 is nice and crisp, and is pleasing to look at. So, while that telescope isn't designed to be a killer planetary telescope it will still put up nice views of the planets when you want to take a look at them.

You can see the raw video data of Jupiter and Saturn taken through the TV60 in the video below.

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