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Four Upgrades for Your Unistellar Telescope

Add a dew shield, solar filter, light pollution filter, and finder to your eVscope!

In the video below I look at four upgrades you might want to consider for your Unistellar telescope and all of them will work with either the first or second version of the eVscope as well as the Equinox.

The easiest upgrade is a dew shield, and the Farpoint Astro dew shield I use is only $20. The dew shield will not only help prevent dew formation on your imaging sensor but also increase image contrast by helping to block off-axis light sources from entering your telescope tube and washing out your images.

The second upgrade is a light pollution filter. The DGM optics NPB filter or the Optolong L-Pro filter are good general-purpose light pollution filters that will increase the contrast on many deep-sky objects, nebulas in particular. You do, however, need to pick up a c-mount to 1.25" thread adapter to use a filter, and the best I've found so far can be found at the eBay link below.

The third upgrade is a solar filter. Many solar filters are available, and most of those designed to fit a Celestron C5 or Meade 125ETX will fit the eVscope great. I like the Astrozap filters but any solar filter that fits the eVscope should allow you to view sunspots on the sun.

Lastly, you might consider adding a finder scope. Telrad finders attach with double-sided tape and can help you point to objects that you don't know the name of and also help you learn the night sky. You certainly don't need one since the eVscope can find and point to objects on its own, but it can still be a nice addition in some instances.


Unistellar Optics:

Telrad finder:

Astrozap Solar Filter:

Farpoint Astro Dew Shield:

c-mount to 1.25" adapter:

DGM Optics NPB filter:

Optolong L-Pro filter:

As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a commission on any purchases made through the Amazon links above.

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Hi, I wonder if there is the possibility to upgrade the EV1 to the EV2 by replacing the sensor! Any thoughts on this please????


Yes, agree. Someone will try this! I think I could follow instructions and swap it over but I'm the wrong person to work it out unfortunately. I will watch and google with interest over time. All the best!

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