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Incredibly Easy to Use Sun Tracking Mount

I was lucky enough to find one of these great sun tracking mounts recently on Amazon ( but at the time of this writing, most stores, including Amazon, are sold out of this SkyWatcher mount. They should be back in stock soon, and if you are looking for an incredibly easy to use mount for solar observing, this can be a great option.

Since the mount has a built-in camera to track the sun, along with GPS so the telescope knows both where it is and where the sun should be, go-to and tracking are superb. Simply add your telescope to the mount, adjust the mount legs so everything is level (a bubble level is included on the mount head), and turn the mount on. It will automatically obtain a GPS signal, point upwards to the current elevation of the sun, and then slew to the right until it finds the sun. Because of this, your initial go-to will be much faster if you point the telescope a little left of the sun before you turn it on. Otherwise, the mount may have to make a complete revolution before it finds the sun.

The mount can be powered by eight AA batteries or an external 12V power supply using the included adapter.

This mount has been a joy to use, but be aware the mount can only be used for solar observing as it will track the sun, but nothing else. So, if you don't plan on observing the sun very often, you might want to choose a mount that can do sun-tracking along and nighttime object go-to and tracking. But, if you are looking for an extra mount to dedicate to solar observing, this is a great option. You can watch the full video below.

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Nov 07, 2023


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