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Parade of Planets

I was able to image all but two of the planets on the morning of June 23, 2022. I started out imaging Saturn, then I tried to image Neptune, but couldn't really get that planet to show up well since it is much dimmer and smaller as well. I'll have to try that one again with different camera settings than I normally use (longer exposures, etc). I gave up on Neptune, since I had limited time until sunrise, and switched to Jupiter and then to Mars. While waiting for Venus to clear the treetops I did a composite of the moon, taking eight or so images of different sections of the moon which I later stitched together. Finally, I was able to get data on Venus. Mercury never cleared the trees for me before sunrise. I used my Celestron 8" EdgeHD telescope on an evolution mount along with a Tele Vue 2.5x Powermate to do all the imaging. I used an ASI 385MC camera for all the planets and an ASI 178MM for the moon.

Here is an image showing all the planets I was able to capture along with the moon. Individual images of each then follow.

You can watch a video about these image captures below.

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