• Stephen Strum

2022 Jupiter Imagery

So far in 2022, all my planetary imaging has once again been with my Celestron 8" EdgeHD SCT on a Celestron Evolution mount. I've mostly been using an ASI385MC camera with a Televue 2.5x Powermate.

July 15th

On the morning of July 15th I imaged Jupiter and Io and captured quite a bit of detail, but struggled to get a clear image. I ended up only stacking 20% of the frames out of a 90 second video capture (and this was the best 90 second capture out of the few I took). Stacking more than 20% produced an image with less noise but also less detail. Focusing was challenging and I plan to upgrade to a motoroized focuser to hopefully help dial in the focus a little easier since the image shakes quite a bit when focusing on my evolution mount.

June 23rd

I imaged most of the planets on the morning of June 23rd. You can see all of those images here: https://www.earthtospacescience.com/post/parade-of-planets

Here is the Jupiter image from that day:

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