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2022 Mars Imagery

2022 is another Mars opposition year, but one that won't be as good as the last two oppositions in 2020 and 2018 in terms of the maximum apparent size of Mars. However, Mars will reach 20 degrees higher in the sky at opposition for Northern Hemisphere folks this year than in 2020. The higher positioning of Mars will help with observing and imaging since there will be less atmosphere in the way. Mars will reach a maximum apparent size of 17 arc seconds in late 2022 compared to 22.4 arc seconds in 2020. That is still large enough to see quite a bit of detail and the largest Mars will appear until 2031 when it will be a similar 16.8 arc seconds in diameter.

June 23rd

I imaged Mars for the first time in 2022 on June 23rd when I attempted to image most of the visible planets. You can see the other images from that day here:

Here is the Mars image from that day. Mars was only 7.0 arc seconds in diameter on the 23rd, so will still be more than twice this size at opposition late this year.

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