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Deep Sky Imagery from the eVscope

A growing collection of images taken with my Unistellar eVscope. You can see my review on the telescope by clicking here. I'll probably organize these differently as the number of images grows with different pages for different groups of images. For now, they will all be added here, ordered by Messier number, NGC number, etc.

M4, Globular Cluster

M5, Globular Cluster

M8, Lagoon Nebula

M10, Globular Cluster

M12, Globular Cluster

M13, Hercules Globular Cluster

The brightest globular in the northern skies. This is actually a composite of 5 different images in order to produce a larger field of view.

M14, Globular Cluster

M16, Eagle Nebula

This is a dim nebula, and requires a longer exposure to see much. But, it contains the famous "Pillars of Creation".

M17, Omega/Swan Nebula

This is a very bright nebula and easy to see even in small refractors, especially with a narrowband filter.

M20, Trifid Nebula

M22, Globular Cluster

This is one of my favorite globular clusters. It is large, and not as dense as M13, so it is easier to resolve more stars in the cluster.

M23, Open Cluster

M25, Open Cluster

M27, Dumbell Nebula

M42, Orion Nebula

This was my first image with the eVscope, and the telescope was poorly collimated, giving poor star images.

M51, Whirlpool Galaxy

This was only a 4 minute exposure, and there was a lot of sky glow I tried to remove with post processing. This isn't a great image and I'll need to get a better one eventually.

M57, Ring Nebula


M80, Globular Cluster

M81, Bode's Galaxy

This needs to be redone with a longer exposure to help produce a smoother image with more detail.

M107, Globular Cluster

Little Gem/Box Nebula

Barnard 33, Horsehead Nebula

Here is my video review of the Unistellar eVscope. For more information on the eVscope, head over to the Unistellar website: https://unistellaroptics.com/products/

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